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Our Story

About the Owner


Michelle Moore ("Mickii") is a professional baking veteran. With her sister, they co-owned Not Just Another Cookie Company, a baking business venture in the late 70s thru the early 80s. 


Now the stars have realigned and Michelle is happy once again to be able to provide fresh baked goodness to the public.

About the Desserts


Mickii's desserts feel like home because they come from the heart. Some recipes were handed down from mother-to-daughter, and others were lovingly developed over time.


Baked with family and friends in mind, each cookie, cobbler, cake, and pie is crafted with quality ingredients.

Feel Confident in Your Order


Mickii has over 20+ years of baking experience, is an honor graduate of professional Gourmet Cooking and Catering, and holds state-certified Sanitation and Food Handling Licenses. All of Mickii's goods are cooked in a state-certified Shared Kitchen (Urban Tables).

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